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Information About Web Based Malpractice Search Results:

On July 17, 2007, ORS 742.400, the law that governs malpractice reporting, was amended. One of the primary changes was the definition of "claim."  The new definition defines a malpractice claim as a written demand for payment regarding alleged professional negligence that has been filed in a court.

Licensee: Brown, Timothy Mather MD


Malpractice Claims

There are one or more closed claims on file with the Board for this Licensee that are not available to view on our website. Per ORS 742.400(5)(a)(b), a claim will not appear on our website if:

  1. The claim did not result in a judicial finding or admission of liability or a money judgment, award or settlement that involves a payment to the claimant/plaintiff, and/or
  2. The claim was filed prior to 1/1/2006 and no new claim was filed within a four-year period.

For additional malpractice information regarding this licensee you may call the Board or obtain a printed Malpractice Search Report by submitting the following Licensee Information Request.

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